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Gilles Plains Sows for Sanananda 2017

In January of this year Lion Lance Crook approached the club to discuss project in his PNG Village of Sanananda, Oro Province, PNG. Lance had previously been supported by the club in the provision of solar lights to provide lighting for the children of the village to do their homework. His new project was to establish a small piggery for the villagers. The cost was estimated at $3000. The club decided to support this project with assistance from other clubs and individuals who may be interested.

In late August Lion Lance travelled to PNG with the $3000 in his pocket to buy 6 breeding pigs. In the meantime, the villagers built shelters and fencing. 

I leave the rest for Lion Lace to explain.

Ted Osborn, President, Lions Club of Gilles Plains. 

Lion Lance’s story…….

2017 was an incredible year for me and a few sponsors our club had enlisted. It all started back in January 2017 when I learnt of a tragedy that happened in ORO Province Papua New Guinea.

13 people lost their lives in a terrible vehicle accident and with this I set out to change a few lives of these beautiful people.

I approached my Club Treasurer and our Club President with an idea of getting a few clubs together with us to support the start of a Small Piggery in the village of Sanananda in ORO province to help these people to survive and to be sustainable in the future.

That idea was to purchase 6 breading pigs for the village and start a breeding program, so they can build their business and tunnel the funds gained back into the village for Education of their children and the remains to help in their day to day living, I worked on a business plan and it was given to several clubs to look over, I also did a power Point presentation and after a lot of hard work, I achieved my goal and together we raised $3000.

I exchanged the Australian dollars for PNG kina and was given 6800 kina, a fantastic out come.

On the 28th August 2017 I travelled to Papua New Guinea and onto the remote village of Sanananda and sat with the village elders and explained how the Lions International clubs I represent gave Kina for the start of their very own Piggery. Two pens were constructed out of bush materials and 6 pigs were purchased from local villagers under the barter system used in the village. We had some kina left over and as the village on some occasions have  tourist’s to visit and help with some Kina for the village I made a decision to purchase a new 5kva generator to power lighting in and around the sleeping quarters, meals area and general get together area. This turned out to be very valuable as while I was there 22 trekkers from the Queensland Police Department visited and commented on how great it was to be able to see at night in such a remote part of the world. So, with that now in place I can see a brighter future in Oro Province not only in the way of Lighting but with a business plan and Pigs these beautiful people can work on expanding their lives and the lives of their children for a better future. Thank you to all the Clubs and individuals that help us achieve this remarkable project.

So Proud to be a Lion when small gifts change so many Lives.

Lion Lance Crook, Lions Club of Gilles Plains

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