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PDG Paddy McKay



Patricia (Paddy) Kathleen Dawn McKay – and Partner Lion Malcolm

Paddy was born in Ireland and brought out to Australia whilst a "babe in arms”.

Abandoned when only a month old Paddy was placed in foster care and eventually adopted at nearly four years old. An energetic child Paddy was into sports and loved school although her teenage years were somewhat rebellious to put it mildly. Searching for her identity within a family that consisted of unrelated siblings Paddy took on all that University (both academic and the extra curricula) could offer with gusto. Paddy has always had an interest in academia and holds a B.Sc. in Geology and Geophysics, B. Sc. Hons. (Mathematics) and a B Comm. and LL as well as post graduate degrees in Education and Community and School relations. Not content with those Paddy became a CPA completing all subjects studied with distinctions

Completing her studies, many of them on scholarships, Paddy moved into adulthood more experienced and with firm values and ideals. Whilst the areas of Law and Mathematics were her first preferences Paddy moved into Education in order to be able to share the holidays and manage a growing small family An advocate of Education Paddy worked in that field for 31 years holding various administrative and lecturing /teaching positions and was invited to be a member of the Australian College of Education.

Married to Malcolm, they have 5 children and 7 grandchildren.  Paddy firmly believes the most precious gift is the gift of family and to this end Malcolm and Paddy cared for 2 of the grandchildren every Monday for 4 years and are currently caring for 2 others on a fortnightly Monday basis.. Paddy and Malcolm have always worked as a team and although maintaining their individuality within the relationship each acknowledges that together they are so much more effective in all that they do. Paddy will tell you that she is the “ideas” person and Malcolm will tell you that he is the “stabilising influence”! .

In the 1991, Paddy’s brother Treva came to live with the family. Treva was a severe diabetic with multiple health issues and Malcolm and Paddy had the main carer role for her disabled brother until very recently. A purpose built flat was added to the house for him and life moved up a notch.

In 2005 after suffering a major illness and with the encouragement of Malcolm, Paddy had “sea-change” moving into Industry as an Accountant and finally finishing her formal working life as a Forensic Accountant with the Government and although retiring from formal work in 2009 she maintains a small private accounting firm.

Furthering her love of the Law, Paddy has been a JP since 2008 and a committee member and secretary of the North East Suburbs Justice Association since 2009.Here too her talents were recognised and Paddy was asked to chair the Professional Development Committee of the Royal Association of Justices for South Australia. Head hunted again Paddy was selected for training as a Special Justice and has undergone training and exams which enables her to preside in the Magistrate’s Criminal Court over Summary Offences, Road Traffic Offences and the like.

Recreational pursuits have included travelling widely, holding a restricted Pilots Licence, an Amateur Radio Licence, Ballroom Dancing, and Bushwalking.

Music was learnt at an early age and Paddy plays the Keyboard- bit rusty, the Irish tin whistle – badly, and is learning the piano-accordion- early days. In years gone by, sporting achievements were at state level in Hockey. Paddy loves to party and the Mckay St Patrick Day celebrations are an event not missed by her family and close friends.

Paddy and Malcolm’s involvement in Lions is recent. Their joining of this organisation resulted directly out of a life-changing incident in 2009. Malcolm and Paddy were holidaying in Marysville and were evacuated as that town was destroyed in the awful bush fires in Victoria. Escaping to Alexandra Paddy and Malcolm saw at first hand the amazing work of community service groups and the Lions Clubs of the area in particular. It left a lasting impression and both vowed that when they retired they would work to give back to a community and country that had offered them so much. To this end they joined the Athelstone Lions club in March 2011. Malcolm became the Secretary in 2011/2012 and Paddy became the first Female President of the club in 2012/2013. In addition Paddy became the Zone 4 Chairperson for 2013/2014. Paddy is a member of the Statutory Advisory Committee for Combined Service Clubs in Campbelltown Council and firmly believes in having a good close working relationship with the Council. Never one to take things easy, Paddy coordinates the Lions Carols in the Park with City of Campbelltown and has instigated and coordinated a successful Zone Project to raise $35000 for much needed Critical Care cardiac equipment for the Modbury hospital. In addition, despite only being able to grow weeds and not able to kick a football, she volunteers as an accountant / treasurer to the Padelusi Community Garden and the Athelstone Football Club where Paddy and Malcolm have been members for many years

In her year as District Governor, Paddy has already established a Lions Against Violence group and has a motto “Educate for Change – Break the Cycle”. This group will look to establish early intervention programs aimed at reducing all forms of violence in our community.

Whilst having always been involved with the wider community, Paddy has focused her energies to work for the community through the Lions organisation and both Malcolm and Paddy have the “WE CAN and WE WILL attitude to all tasks encountered.