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Lions Hearing Dogs, We're all ears for the hearing impaired

How our dogs help

Lions hearing dogs have transformed the lives of hundreds of Australians. Hearing dogs alert their owners to sounds in the home by touching the owner with a paw—things like knocks on the door, a baby crying or the phone ringing. Most importantly, hearing dogs alert their owners to life-saving sounds like smoke alarms.

Our dogs not only offer safety, security and independence for the hearing impaired at home, they also give many the confidence to participate more fully in their community.

Hearing dogs are not just working dogs; they offer years of faithful and friendly companionship. They are very special indeed.

About us

Lions Hearing Dogs is a not-for-profit organisation that provides hearing dogs and training in their use to hearing impaired people throughout Australia. Dogs and follow-up support are provided free of charge.

We’ve supplied nearly 500 dogs Australia-wide since 1982.

The majority of our funding comes from Australian Lions clubs which, together with other donations and sponsorship, makes it possible for us to produce highly trained and effective hearing dogs.

We have an executive officer, a head trainer and four trainers, an assistant trainer, a kennel manager and two kennel staff.

We do not have volunteers at our centre, but new owners are supported by their sponsoring Lions club when they receive their dogs.

Our training centre in the Adelaide Hills is on six acres that contains all the kennels and training facilities. Visit our centre and see how our hearing dogs work.

For more Information please visit the Lions Hearing Dogs Website