Lions District 201C1 South Australia

Australia, Papua New Guinea & Norfolk Island

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Join Lions?

Find a Lions Club in your town, email for details, or go to the join lions page for more details and send a query online.



Q. How does MD201 decide how many directories my club gets?
A. Club Secretaries are asked to indicate how many hard copy or CD directories you need. If they don't indicate what you need, you are sent directories according to the formula in the Constitution.

Q. How are we charged for directories?
A. Your club only pays for the number of directories it receives.

Q. I didn't get enough directories; what can I do about it?
A. Contact the National office and they can send out additional copies. Note: The rate for additional copies is higher due to increased handling charges.

Q. The information in the directory is wrong; what can I do about it?
A. We can't make changes once the directory has been received. Make sure that your club and cabinet secretary have the correct details so that next year's directory will be correct.