Lions District 201C1 South Australia

Australia, Papua New Guinea & Norfolk Island

PDG Rob Royal

District Governor (DG) Rob Royal joined Lions 25 years ago, when he asked the father of his son’s friend what were the awards were in the boot of his car.  They were presentations for his end of year handover at his club, Glen Waverly in Victoria, Australia.  Of course he said would you like to come, and the rest is history!

DG Rob returned to his home state, South Australia, in 1990 and joined the Lions Club of Burnside where he has been ever since.  In a club of size 18-30 in his time there he has held all positions except that of Treasurer.  He joined Cabinet in 201C1 some 8 years ago as Zone Chairman, Region Chairman and GMT Member.

Our district has been sharing DG duties for the last 2 years and this will continue.  So far DG Rob and with Lion Sandy has visited formally on behalf of the DG 2/3rds of the clubs in the district as well as participating in a truly shared DG Team,  this has been fantastic and it has worked well especially as all of the current DG, 1st VDG and 2nd VDG all still work.  201C1 is a big district.  Last August he travelled 4,500km to visit approx 12 clubs and 5 of those were at shared meetings, so it is a BIG District to cover.

DG Rob is a child of the 60’s (and still is, so watch out!) and left Adelaide Uni in 1969.  In 1971 he began his career in IT where he has been until he retired in late June this year.  He has worked in government and private enterprise from a computer programmer to Business analyst, Project manager, Consultant in both user and supplier environments. 

DG Rob met his wife Sandy in the first year at Uni at the age of 17.  They have been married for 45 years and have two sons, Matthew and Ben.  Youngest son Ben and Helen now have their own son Angus and yes DG Rob and Sandy are very proud grandparents. They are equally very proud of both of their sons and the values that they have.  A great Border Collie dog (Morrie) makes up the family. 

Their interests, well of course are their family (including their growing family of friends in Lions).  When the DG year finishes they hope to do a lot of travelling around Australia in an off road caravan, free camping (in luxury of course) with sat TV to watch the football from anywhere in the continent, whether on the coast or by a pool on Cooper Creek in the middle of the desert.  In Australia this group of nomads are referred to as the grey nomads and now number many 100’s of thousands.