Lions District 201C1 South Australia

Australia, Papua New Guinea & Norfolk Island


Our cousins across the dutch are once more shakin’ in their boots!

It’s all very well to make jokes but what they have to contend with is no joke. I remember the Newcastle earthquake the small shudders experienced in Sydney. I find it unimaginable to live with the strength and intensity that our Kiwis friends have to contend with.

They need our help. Lions, naturally, are in the front line and LCIF have already given the MD202E District Governor US$10,000 Emergency Grant for immediate essentials but Lions never leave so it is their long term re-construction for which they need our help.

You have recently been reminded about how desperately we need money for the measles “One Shot – One Life” campaign but how can we ignore our cousins across the dutch!

Donations to Cabinet Treasurer Jenny Rayner marked “LCIF Disaster Relief”.

PCD Lyn Shoemark

LCIF District Co-ordinator